Curing with Light

Heart and Light

We use catheter ablation as atrial fibrillation treatment option. A laser emitting light at a narrow specific wavelength has been designed to pass well through blood but be absorbed by heart tissue. The light passes into the target tissue, transfers into heat and the heat destroys the dysfunctional cells. Heat conduction allows further ablation of deeper heart tissue.


Our technology

Our easy to use procedure to treat atrial fibrillation precisely delivers light and achieves ablation as light is transformed into heat. The light travels along the core of a thin fiber within the catheter. Our unique technology emits the light laterally through a modified region of the fiber, giving a desired wide, yet targeted, area of ablation.

The catheters are available in different sizes and are an adjustable loop shape to suit different anatomical situations and optimize the procedure. Ablation of heart tissue is further controlled by application time and power.

Doctor talking to elderly patient in hospital
Our simplified procedure for effective atrial fibrillation treatment with minimum inconvenience

Our research and development

The device is currently under clinical investigation. So far, our laser ablation technique proved to reduce procedure time, give efficient lab usage and be cost-effective, demonstrating its potential as a superior treatment option. The potential for further minimizing catheter size and redefining their shape lends its application to other cardiac arrhythmias.

Our toolbox concept

one device for all arrhythmias

Our aim is to treat all types of ablations with our one single technology, negating the need to change catheters, technologies or interrupt procedures.

Advantages of our catheters

Light Ablation uses the most precise and – in our opinion – best possible method to treat cardiac arrhythmia. It could be shown, that light is a safe and precise energy, which is simple to use. We think, that there are a lot of advantages to prefer the Vimecon laser ablation technology.
  • Ultra-precise, to more accurately target tissue, necessitating only a single application, leaving a thinner ablation line and preserving heart muscle
  • More effective at lower power levels, resulting in very gentle procedures with minimal thrombogenicity and charring, appropriate even for sensitive tissue areas
  • Adjustable and flexible for easier handling, permitting faster, more efficient procedures, with greater safety and reduced inconvenience
  • More simple, clearly visualized technique, combining the ease of a single-shot system with the flexibility and precision of point by point ablation techniques
  • No need for direct tissue contact, allowing higher tolerance of catheter positioning
  • Painless, with easier insertion meaning minimum use of anesthetics and minimum risk
  • Small enough not to hinder blood flow, minimizing risk of intra-procedural clotting
  • More cost effective, less auxiliary equipment, shorter hospitalization
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