The Enterprise


Vimecon, headquartered in Germany, was founded in 2005 with the vision to create a company, which helps to improve the therapy of heart rhythm diseases. Enabling technologies are designed to maximize efficacy, minimize risk and reduce the cost of interventional cardiac ablation procedures to treat atrial fibrillation.

Cardiac arrhythmias may be very complex diseases. However, I consider most of them curable. When we walk on paths nobody has walked on before, when we learn to think how nobody has thought before and do things nobody has done before then we arrive at a place where nobody has ever been before. We transform ideas into reality.

Our Values


We are here to develop the best medical solutions – products that change lives. This creates a sustainable relationship with our partners in the health care system and our patients, who can live a normal life due to our special catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation.


Fostering innovation in medical technology brings global advances. Great ideas come from anywhere at any time. We are proud of our team, which, by having diverse perspectives and backgrounds, creates an essential foundation for sparking innovations in order to develop a great treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Focus on healthy life

We do everything possible to achieve maximum success in treating atrial fibrillation with minimal impact on your comfort. We design products to reduce pain and invasiveness of procedures. The goal of our atrial fibrillation treatment is to help patients live their lives free from lifelong dependence on medication and free from cardiac arrhythmia.


Development of quality medical technology to treat atrial fibrillation requires investment in time and resources. Our consistency is reflected in our lasting relationship with our partners in healthcare and our patients.
We are here for you – for a lifetime.



Our products are easy to use. We build in technologies with intuitive features to support the applicability and improve the work-flow of our health care partners. This way atrial fibrillation can be treated accurately and effectively.

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